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EnFiCo is Enrichment Financial Coaching. We focus our skills on provide women with the most value gift that anyone can receive, knowledge.

Our Mission

Enrichment Financial Coaching is designed especially for women to enhance financial freedom and wealth empowerment.

Our goal is to provide educational tools, guidance and inspiration that empower women to make the best financial decisions possible to reach their identified goals.

Find Your Way En©...With Enrichment Financial Coaching!

Because many women regard financial planning as complex and confusing, they often miss out on many potentially rewarding financial opportunities. They also take unnecessary risks and fail to adequately protect their assets.

That's where Enrichment can help. Our goal is to take the mystery out of investing, managing risk, preparing for retirement, and preserving your wealth. By helping you acquire the information you need to pursue your financial objectives, we hope to establish long and trusted relationships with our clients.

Financial coaching will assist you in recognizing how psychological and emotional factors affect your money. We examine current income, analyze spending habits, and manage cash flow and dept consolidation. Women will also learn how to make informed decsions and watch their money grow by understanding the various financial products available to them.

Isn't it time for a financial check up? We review your current positions and suggest areas that may need improvement. We will examine where you are now, what your goals are, and where you want to be. Better define goals support you to move toward those goals faster and effortlessly. You will develop new skills, and become confident in your money management abilities.

With our guidance you will learn the money habits of the wealthy. Financial education will start you on the road towards understanding sound financial principles.

It is important to realize that I do not provide investment advice or portfolio management; rather it is a personal financial empowerment and education program designed for women to help overcome money management obstacles.

*Disclaimer: Enrichment does not provide specific recommendation of investments or portfolio management.